Tuesday, 19 August 2014


All through my teenage years i had always struggled with bad skin condition such as an oily T zone, acne, scars, enlarged pores =( sadly now in adulthood and still battling the same issue.

I do admit I am the worst person in the universe when it comes to shopping for skin care. There is just so much problems with my skin, i just dont know where to start, I feel aggravated and have lost all faith that any special cream would help my skin... or no money in the world can fix my skin dilemma. Then i suddenly realised that i will be turning 30 in a few years, and if i dont have a goal to fix it now, it would be too late in the end...(I know something i should have thought about before i hit 25)

Sigh* Therefore just few months ago i decided to take matters into my own hands (woot woot!) so i did some research, read few reviews and came across a brand that had me at “organic”called - Grown Alchemist. I had never tried anything 'Organic' on my skin before, so i thought its worth a try.

I read their reviews, was curious to know what all the fuss was about. I purchased the facial kit which costs me about AUD $59.95 and it contains the moisturiser, toner, serum, lip balm. I loved the packaging, designed in an old school pharmacy bottles that you could buy at an old vintage drug store plus the bottles would be an awesome decor for my new bathroom. I am not going to get my hopes up, and i am not expecting over night results. This could be the beginning of my daily skin care regime, here’s hoping that i can keep it up. I will be giving my reviews on these products soon

Monday, 18 August 2014

Im Back =)

My in-laws have left, as many of you know they were here for nearly 2 months on holiday, and accommodated with us in our brand new home. To make their stay more hospitable i gave up my new bedroom therefore i was living out of boxes. I did not have any time for blogging, or posting an outfit. If i was at home i was constantly working with my mother n law in the kitchen, (being that perfect house wife, as you do) and if it was the weekend i was super busy being their tour guide or holding their shopping bags. I will try my best to attempt to post everyday now or at least 3 times a week. This was a fun welcome back shoot i did at my new home to get back into my life and blog. The MEOW bag I’m holding is so kitsch.

what is kitsch- it is a fashion trend that uses cartoon like images, prominent pop of colour, think of glittery green boots, Moschino for MacDonald’s, or Lego clutches.
You can also purchase one from Colette for only $19.95 if you, know/love Kitch Accessories then it is one of a must have piece for your wardrobe.