Monday, 7 July 2014


There is something i have left out, something i still haven’t mentioned in this blog which i feel that i must share with you all now. That is, since the end of June my in-laws arrived from overseas on a vacation and staying with us for the next 2 months, I have also moved into my new home to accommodate their stay (more about that soon).

Their arrival means that my daily routines changed slightly, time for blogging/shoots has reduced, more family outing has increased, always being mindful about my choice of outfit is a must (ripped jeans MY CLOSET STAPLE =( body hugging clothing, or exposing too much skin is a big no- no in this family!!!) my diet is screwed, however on the flip side there is more food in my fridge J

In the beginning i was in doubt whether they would adjust to the way of life here, Australian climate, people, given that they come from a very traditional background, a country where all women depend on their men. Their prime minister is a woman; however feminism is always a topic of contradiction. Sigh* my mother n law has never stepped outside of the house without being accompanied by my father n law or my brothers n law. She has always been a housewife, and cooked and cleaned and looked after her three sons. She doesnt hold a degree, or has never worked in a professional work environment before. However what amazes me is her record of knowledge, on just about everything, ask her any topic she will give you a run down.

A small, quiet women with a demeanour like no other, she has class and appears to be very sophisticated. They have settled in, and are starting to understand our discipline, work-home-eat-sleep-work-repeat, & for that i am grateful. Maybe my ripped denims can wait a little for now...