Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Newyork dreaming

It’s one of those mornings where everything felt like a drag. It was cold, and I was on struggle street, starting with getting out of my cosy bed, then getting ready for work, to getting out of my house in time to catch my train.

The train to and from work takes me, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, in that time i get to catch up on my dose of stalking on instagram, and listen to my genre of music which mainly consists of old school rock. A pretty good blast to my ears early morning, if you ask me.

This time last year i was looking forward to my trip to USA, on my way to work every morning i would chat to my cousins over whatsapp, to plan on the places we would go to visit around NYC, and the many bars we would party at, and shopping...oh the shopping. It was always a good way to start the day. This year however, no holidays planned, nothing to get excited about, just going about my usual robotic repeat... n the #inspiration pictures below just aren’t helping the situation....i think i need to start preparing an impromptu trip to NYC this year somehow..


Monday, 14 July 2014

One of many black pairs...

There is always something about a black pair of heels that sets me back. It’s a closet basic and versatile, and is worth investing in. Here are few of my favourite in my shoerobe...


Monday, 7 July 2014


There is something i have left out, something i still haven’t mentioned in this blog which i feel that i must share with you all now. That is, since the end of June my in-laws arrived from overseas on a vacation and staying with us for the next 2 months, I have also moved into my new home to accommodate their stay (more about that soon).

Their arrival means that my daily routines changed slightly, time for blogging/shoots has reduced, more family outing has increased, always being mindful about my choice of outfit is a must (ripped jeans MY CLOSET STAPLE =( body hugging clothing, or exposing too much skin is a big no- no in this family!!!) my diet is screwed, however on the flip side there is more food in my fridge J

In the beginning i was in doubt whether they would adjust to the way of life here, Australian climate, people, given that they come from a very traditional background, a country where all women depend on their men. Their prime minister is a woman; however feminism is always a topic of contradiction. Sigh* my mother n law has never stepped outside of the house without being accompanied by my father n law or my brothers n law. She has always been a housewife, and cooked and cleaned and looked after her three sons. She doesnt hold a degree, or has never worked in a professional work environment before. However what amazes me is her record of knowledge, on just about everything, ask her any topic she will give you a run down.

A small, quiet women with a demeanour like no other, she has class and appears to be very sophisticated. They have settled in, and are starting to understand our discipline, work-home-eat-sleep-work-repeat, & for that i am grateful. Maybe my ripped denims can wait a little for now...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

nomcore part 1

Ever since the trend ‘Nomcore’ a fashion faux pas rocked the runways, fashion weeks and other fashion related events (the trend has been on everyone’s lips or more like in everyone’s wardrobes) neutral tones, blacks, whites, greys, loose fitting trousers, man style track pants, and sneakers etc It speaks comfortable styling. Immensely i favour comfort over pain when it comes to fashion. My wardrobe consists of more mostly blacks, my selection of heels doesn’t go past 4 inches, and boyfriend jeans are my best friend. I love the masculine look with a little feminine stroke. Therefore the evolution of the trend nomcore was a big sigh of relief to styling my outfits.
To create the look below I’m wearing my mix apparel shirt, it is the most incredible fit, and for the price i believe the quality of the fabric is 10/10. You could team this up with a white blazer and loafers for work or distressed denim for the weekends.  
Outfit details
Coat- Portmans
Shirt- Mix apparel
Pants- Forever new
Shoes- Converse
Bag- Glassons
Beanie- Coton on
Sungalsses- Rayban aviators