Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Found the coat

Friday morning sleep in’s are such rare commodity, thankfully last Friday i was able to do just that, because i had taken the day off work from work. I woke up to sunshine, and a crisp clear winter morning.

First thing on my to do list, was to go driving with my instructor. I know, i know, I’m 27 and i have no licence, What a Shame! My exam is coming up, so it’s only fair to cram all the road rules last minute. I really do, feel guilty about not having a licence and appreciate the kindness and effort people put into “picking me up and dropping me off” for the past 10 years (you know who you are). I promise to repay the debt as soon as i get my provisional’s. Sadly , the training did not go too well as i had expected ;( my instructor thinks i should push back my exam as i am not confident enough with the road rules- Bugger.

I imagine my day offs to just giving myself that "me" time, a coffee and a good magazine always seem promising. So i sat at my local cafe, and drank my skinny cap and read my Elle magazine flipping through the glossy pages, registering what the next upcoming trends would be, what i should be jotting down on my shopping list, and what to brag about on my social media pages. With all this study, i became famished for some retail therapy. I strolled around, browsing, and scouring  store to store, until i came across Portmans. They had $50 off their winter jackets and that is when i found the camel coloured jacket that i was longing for such a long time. The tailored cut, fabric, and quality, and price were all that i had imagined it to be.  

I was overflowing with excitement, i felt like i won a prize for the first time in my life or something. Ever since the morning, with my instructor, i was a little disappointed however finding this little gem had made my day!  
Behold - My new Jacket
Price = $100