Wednesday, 18 June 2014


The first time i was introduced to or (any other online store for that matter), i was a little sceptical. I wasn’t convinced on taking the risk to buy something and assume the size, hemline or the quality of the fabric? Also if i didn’t like the clothes i would have had to send them back and I’m ridiculously lazy when it comes to all that commotion.

This little hesitation went on for quite some time. With enough courage, one day i decided to give it a go. I went onto the Asos website, staring at pieces that i wanted, saving them to my cart, then purposely staring at them again. Asos has the “runway” feature  with a model, modelling the item which helps to judge the piece whether it would be a good fit for your closet.
I then, added few of my saved items to my cart, and audaciously punched Order submit. Then anxiously waited for my parcel, surprisingly enough it arrived faster than expected, within 4 days as opposed to 7 days (later found out it’s because my shipping address falls between Sydney’s metro areas) I opened the package and went straight into checking if the products fit me, (i think i prayed to few gods that day, i know it’s a little dramatic)................. (cue for whistle) somehow it magically fit me! From that day forward i am hooked on ASOS! the products, and trends are so up to date, and there are millions of items you can buy (this includes ASOS marketplace) best for vintage finds. Thanks to ASOS, my perception towards online shopping changed. I think i buy at least one Asos product every week.  Here are few items i have purchased in the past week/months/ etc.