Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mix Apparel for Coles

Coles is the first ever supermarket to bring apparel into their aisles! And with the prices this good! I believe it needs to be featured on this blog.

Free shipping if you purchase over $50 and nothing over $39.95, what more could you want? Decided upon the two items below, chambray jumpsuit for $29.95, and this button down shirt for $25, this has definitely brightened up my depressing monday morning blues. Will be wearing them, on those casual friday night drinks, or a weekend away. Another plus point, they will definitely be taking me from winter all through to summer =) 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Spots on Spots

Fashion mags, celebrity stylists, and fashion blogs are always advertising variety ways to wear prints; after examining magazine articles and other fashion blogs of how to mix and clash prints.

I was inspired to try spots on spots. Mainly because it was a safer mix of print than any others but with a twist i decided to play with the size of the spots to create this look Then decided upon wearing the larger spots on top and smaller spots on the bottom, this was to breakdown the print, and take the focus away from excessively looking like a Dalmatian. what do you think?  or do i look like a dalmation?

Outfit details
Top- Emerico Clothing boutique

Jacket- Sheinside
Pants- True Decadence ASOS
Heels- boohoo
Watch- Triwa
Bag- Becsa



Wednesday, 18 June 2014


The first time i was introduced to or (any other online store for that matter), i was a little sceptical. I wasn’t convinced on taking the risk to buy something and assume the size, hemline or the quality of the fabric? Also if i didn’t like the clothes i would have had to send them back and I’m ridiculously lazy when it comes to all that commotion.

This little hesitation went on for quite some time. With enough courage, one day i decided to give it a go. I went onto the Asos website, staring at pieces that i wanted, saving them to my cart, then purposely staring at them again. Asos has the “runway” feature  with a model, modelling the item which helps to judge the piece whether it would be a good fit for your closet.
I then, added few of my saved items to my cart, and audaciously punched Order submit. Then anxiously waited for my parcel, surprisingly enough it arrived faster than expected, within 4 days as opposed to 7 days (later found out it’s because my shipping address falls between Sydney’s metro areas) I opened the package and went straight into checking if the products fit me, (i think i prayed to few gods that day, i know it’s a little dramatic)................. (cue for whistle) somehow it magically fit me! From that day forward i am hooked on ASOS! the products, and trends are so up to date, and there are millions of items you can buy (this includes ASOS marketplace) best for vintage finds. Thanks to ASOS, my perception towards online shopping changed. I think i buy at least one Asos product every week.  Here are few items i have purchased in the past week/months/ etc.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Found the coat

Friday morning sleep in’s are such rare commodity, thankfully last Friday i was able to do just that, because i had taken the day off work from work. I woke up to sunshine, and a crisp clear winter morning.

First thing on my to do list, was to go driving with my instructor. I know, i know, I’m 27 and i have no licence, What a Shame! My exam is coming up, so it’s only fair to cram all the road rules last minute. I really do, feel guilty about not having a licence and appreciate the kindness and effort people put into “picking me up and dropping me off” for the past 10 years (you know who you are). I promise to repay the debt as soon as i get my provisional’s. Sadly , the training did not go too well as i had expected ;( my instructor thinks i should push back my exam as i am not confident enough with the road rules- Bugger.

I imagine my day offs to just giving myself that "me" time, a coffee and a good magazine always seem promising. So i sat at my local cafe, and drank my skinny cap and read my Elle magazine flipping through the glossy pages, registering what the next upcoming trends would be, what i should be jotting down on my shopping list, and what to brag about on my social media pages. With all this study, i became famished for some retail therapy. I strolled around, browsing, and scouring  store to store, until i came across Portmans. They had $50 off their winter jackets and that is when i found the camel coloured jacket that i was longing for such a long time. The tailored cut, fabric, and quality, and price were all that i had imagined it to be.  

I was overflowing with excitement, i felt like i won a prize for the first time in my life or something. Ever since the morning, with my instructor, i was a little disappointed however finding this little gem had made my day!  
Behold - My new Jacket
Price = $100

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Pearl Choker

This little gem has been on my wishlist, ever since i saw it featured Chanel SS/14 runway. Then surprisingly, Zara international made an identical version, which i missed out on purchasing because it was sold out within 24 hours in the store.
But never fear- ebay is here!!! I bought this beauty for $9.00 AUD can you believe it! I will be teaming this up with everything from boyfriend jeans, to lace, to leathers and skirts. Cant wait for its arrival.
Here is the link for those who wish to buy one. Happy shopping my lovelies =)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Snippets from the weekend

This weekend, i've taken my mummy out on a shopping/brunch date where we consumed a plate of Mac and cheese, plus a bowl of shoestring fries together; it was a fatty Saturday indeed. Followed by shopping at Trade secret i found a snug fur coat. I cannot wait to wear it on upcoming colder days. Ended the day with a bunch of fresh flowers from the local florist.

I really think there should be another day in between Saturday and Sunday. Two day weekends are just never enough.