Thursday, 29 May 2014


Fridays are different, than other days of the week. The feeling of the weekend fast approaching puts everyone on a good mood. People dress their personalities on Fridays. 
Indistinguishable to the way they dress, people have more of a casual approach
I am almost nearing 2 years at my current place of work and in my time here, i don’t think i have ever seen my General Manager in a bad mood on a Friday, or my team for that matter no matter how stressful the day is going.

some bad news are better given on Fridays because it lightens situations and can mull over on the weekend. The pubs, bars, and restaurants are chock-a-block and the air is just fine and dandy on a Friday. In this post i decided to share with you all my favourite looks for a Casual Friday, crisp shirts, and fuzzy knits, jeans are to name a few of my favourite Friday attire.
 PS- i still havent found my Tan/camel coloured coat ;(