Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Winter is coming

Hi guys, sorry i havent been posting so much in my blog lately. The below pics were taken last month. I know, im not efficient here as i am in my instagram/facebook page. I know as a blogger i should be updating frequently at all my social media pages, but i have been slacking off big time lately. Also another reason i have been so pre occpied with my time is because i have been catching up on Game of Thrones. Is everyone watching it? OMG i am addicted ( the black shrug) i am wearing in the pics below reminds me of "The Crows" in GOT, (those watching GOT would know what i mean by that term).
 The below pics were from my stay at my dads in Oberon over the easter holidays. I decided to take some snaps of my outfit since the opportunity was there. anyways, Happy 1st day of May everyone =)
Outfit details
Top $20.00: Paper scissors
Jacket $20.00 (sale): Ebay
Pants $20.00 (sale): Paper Scissors
Boots $49.95: Rubi Shoes
Necklace $6.00: Diva
Sunglasses $150.00: Raybans
Total worth- $266.00
You may be thinking as to why i have started to include the amount ($$$) i purchased the above items for, that is because i will be introducing a fresh idea to my blog. So stay tuned...