Wednesday, 30 April 2014


1- Last weekend, went on a roadtrip to Hunter valley with my close friends. The plan was to drive there do some wine tasting at different wine estates and then finish off at Tintilla winery estate with a cheese platter and drink some more till sunset :)
Due to circumstances which was major priority, we had to rechedule the cheese platter. However we did manage to trial 3 wineries in a space of 3 hours, and in all 3 wineries we bought cases of reds and whites. More reds than whites, which was a surprise because we realised our taste for good wine was becoming more mature with our age, and we opted for more of the less sweeter versions.
Hunter valley is few hours away from sydney so theres is always next time for my cheese platter
2- Altered my crash diet to a healther diet. After hearing from so many people that i am starting to look a little dry, i am startng to get few wrinkles under my eyes, and also someone random asked me if i was sick?! irealised my regular crash diet was taking a big toll on my skin. I started to research about skin products, food for glowing skin, an beaut regime. After tremoundous amounts of research i decided to eat for my skin, by also focusing on my body. I also read that another reason for skin changing is due to improper diet. I actually cant afford to have bad skin than i already do, especially in this industry. You guys can follow my journey, i will be posting up things i learn along the way, more about this chapter in my upcoming posts, OK guys?! until next time.........

Winter is coming

Hi guys, sorry i havent been posting so much in my blog lately. The below pics were taken last month. I know, im not efficient here as i am in my instagram/facebook page. I know as a blogger i should be updating frequently at all my social media pages, but i have been slacking off big time lately. Also another reason i have been so pre occpied with my time is because i have been catching up on Game of Thrones. Is everyone watching it? OMG i am addicted ( the black shrug) i am wearing in the pics below reminds me of "The Crows" in GOT, (those watching GOT would know what i mean by that term).
 The below pics were from my stay at my dads in Oberon over the easter holidays. I decided to take some snaps of my outfit since the opportunity was there. anyways, Happy 1st day of May everyone =)
Outfit details
Top $20.00: Paper scissors
Jacket $20.00 (sale): Ebay
Pants $20.00 (sale): Paper Scissors
Boots $49.95: Rubi Shoes
Necklace $6.00: Diva
Sunglasses $150.00: Raybans
Total worth- $266.00
You may be thinking as to why i have started to include the amount ($$$) i purchased the above items for, that is because i will be introducing a fresh idea to my blog. So stay tuned...

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Winter is around the corner =)hope you enjoy
Outfit details
Top+Pants+Beanie: Cottonon
Tweed Jacket: Sheinside
Slipon Sneakers: Shoebox (TherapyShoes)
Bag: Becsa
Sunglasses: Raybans