Sunday, 3 November 2013

Manish Arora's Fashion event

This event was real last minute notice. Finding out approximatly 18 hours before the show, didnt leave me with much time for shopping or organising an outfit together... i was panicking because if i was to meet Manish Arora i wanted to dress to impress, but i didnt have much choice. Luckily i had this tight black dress that i only wore once, so i decided to throw that on for the night. It was black and it was safe.
However the evening was more important to me, capturing the right moments, networking with people, and maybe if im lucky id meet Manish! (which i did at the end of the night). I have heard about Manish in so many Indian TV shows, plus he is well known designer for many bollywood stars. He is also known as the "Galiano of India".....So I could not wait to meet this Galliano of India?!

It was such an honor to meet Mr. Arora. His show was ahmazeballs. It started off with a videography and it ended with the girls on the runway. The video was concept of Manish's inspiration put together, and the colours and the details of the fabric made such an impact on stage. I was mesmirised....

(Below) my last minute attire for the night...
 ( Below) Me and the man himself- Arora ;)