Thursday, 12 September 2013

Snowquamie Falls.

Seattle's climate is much cooler than the other parts of USA, it has its moments i believe, and i am pretty much used to it, because Sydney weather is the same. You may experience 4 seasons in 1 hour in sydney. Like i said on my previous post, i packed for all "climates". Snowquamie Falls, was beautiful. It was chilly, i decided to pair my skin tight khaki pants thats i purchased from Paper Scissors, along with my comfy muscle tee and plaid shirt which i bought from Cotton on along with my cut out boots and a Celine ID chain, bangles, and bag from Colette Hayman also watch by Fossil  . The look is inspired by Cara Delevingne international model of the moment, she is a major demand in the house of fashionistas. I love her style because its laid back, yet chic, its rock n roll yet classy.

The plaid shirt is also an inspiration from my lover of all time Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the band Nirvana. The term "Plaid shirt" is also conveyed as the "Cobain Shirt" by many fashion muse. It is a must have piece of item, in your wardrobe that will never go out of fashion i believe, so Stock up if you havent already done so, they are good for the chilly times, and also cutesy on a sunday picnic outing.

Cut out ankle Boots, The motif is from the runway of Balenciaga, and they are imitation of the biker boots, they can turn a classy outfit edgy, and an edgy outfit tough. The peek-a-boo panels lend this a hard hitting style, and the buckles toughen up everything.You can pair them up with anything from lace dresses to leather shorts, or pants, to skorts (skirt and Shorts together). This is defenitly my piece of obsession right now.