Monday, 16 September 2013


I have not yet, tried “THE CROP” as shown in my picture below of the ever so stylish Carine Rotfield. However, I have recently purchased one from my travel to New York where I shopped till I dropped in the most affordable store I found out there Forever 21, and I am impatiently waiting? to make the time to take a shoot in mine. I like the trend, because I’m not a big fan of showing too much flesh, so this little gem does the trick to any conservative clothing I own. Whether it is a long maxi, or high waisted pants, or you could even team it up, on top of a plain t-shirt (sounds weird?) I may just show you how it’s done one day...
The way to make this piece of item look classy is to wear it without showing the belly button, it should be peeking through flirtatiously, not showing too much, it should express to the viewers that you didn’t even know your waistline is peeking through.