Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I hav'nt been active in writing on my blog, since last Monday. I blame it on some negetive thoughts playing up in my head and the busy schedual at work.

I was being skeptical towards what i want to do with INAWOC blog and this is not the first time, trust me. My friend suggested that i start my own facebook page??????????? Starting my own blog was always at the back of my mind for the past 2-3 years. Inaworldofcats was created by me on 2010. The blog idea poped into my head, when i was working in paddington, i worked independantly without my boss in sight which was a plus point, shamelessly to say id taken every opportunity to procrastinate and focus on nothing but fashion/Magazine/Blogs/Online Shopping.
I then researched about blogging and came across bloggers such as, Nicole Warne, Carine Rotfield, Fashion Toast, and Sydney Fashion Blogger, and was amazed at the outfits they wore, people they met, the events they were invited to, where they travelled to and from, and what brands they worked with.
I loved all aspects of becoming a successful fashion blogger, i wanted to know all things necessary to become successsful at blogging... as every other fashion blogger does. Everything i ever wanted in a job fit that description. However the fear of 'Not Making it'scares me, because of my pessimestic view of this, i decided to deactivate my blog last year, and have reopened again this year with the motivation of few people (not naming names, but you know who you are)...hoping to make a change, for the better. I believe that i would try to make ends meet, and i will need  patience, and confidence in my work...but for the time being i have decided that i will just have fun with dress ups...( as i like to call it)

My inspiration/motivation today, comes from Nicole Warne, Trendspotter, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fashion Toast, The Satoralist, etc and watching endless amounts of Fashion TV, and gawking at Carine Rotfield, Miroslava duma, and other fashion icons on instagram. I believe that these guys also started off as a frshmen and after years and years of practice, they are where they are now.

I opened my work computer this morning and decided to write this post, i just needed to get it off my chest. I guess everytime i write i get this sense of motivation, a sense of connection to the blog, to just keep going... I dont have any shots of me at the moment so, i will be sharing few of my daily inspirations with you today. Enjoy...