Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Someone fund my shopping addiction :(

So I have this Black pleated PU leather skirt which is a replica of the Celine Vintage ankle midi skirt. I am dieing to wear soon....This is an outfit created by me, as just an, inspiration of what could have been if I had lots of money for shopping... that beautiful embellished clutch there is Alexander McQueen which I won't be the owner of any time soon...but maybe oneday! At the moment ill just fantasize ... sigh**

Monday, 23 September 2013

Creme de La creme

Outfit Details
Shirt- Bluejade
Skirt- Paper Scissors
Shoes- Olsenboye
Necklace- Colette Hayman
Watch- Fossil

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My favourite Boyfriend Denim

My favourite pair of pants i own (to date)............ my never fail - Boyfriend jeans. I bought them from Cotton On, and they are the most comfiest pants i own. Somedays, when i cant be bothared to wear tight pants, skirt, or dresses, i opt for these baby. I love the musculine look of the jeans i wear it with more feminine pieces, like heels, or pretty flats. Keep them straight legged, it lends itself best when rolled up to the cuffs which is what makes it imperative to avoid looking too masculine.
Outfit Details
Jeans- Cotton On
Top- Mink Pink
Belt- Vintage (St Vinnies)
Shoes- Olsenboye
Bag- Ebay

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Organised Chaos

To tell you the honest truth i am having trouble with this post, i dont know how to describe my love for the city, i cant express the vibe of New York, the streets, the people, etc. I woke up in the morning on 27th August 2013 in my hotel with a sore throat and huge tonsils, i believe this happend due to the change in climate. To assist my sore throat i decided to get a nice warm skinny latte from the nearest starbuks i could find, i got ready and headed out. There was starbuks at every corner in NYC, it was very convienient for me. My stay at NY was about 5 days, not enough i know. My day began for me at Soho , NY shopping district on the 27th of August, I took the subway to christopher street, and walked for about half an hour to get to Soho. On my way, i took in the morning NYC air, snapping pictures of by passers, i did some people watching in the parks, etc. It didnt feel like 30 minutes at all. It was the experience i always wanted. The streets of Soho was packed with tourists from all over the globe looking for a good bargin.

 I walked around, the strip to locate the few store i have the capacity to shop from. H&M, Forever21, Zara, Topshop,, Steve Madden, etc. I started off with Forever 21, it was MASSIVE. there was 2 floors of just goodies. My head spun, i didnt know where to start looking. After spending a good 1 hr and half i finally had my picks, . A Navy coloured lace mini dress, leopard print trousers, and an ACDC crop top to go with my trousers, few rings, and couple of bangles. I was happy with my purchases. The disadvantage i found with the store is that all the sizes was gone. Normally when i shop oversea's i try and buy things that are unique, or versatile pieces that i can recycle over seasons. is where i bought a printed jumpsuit, it fit me like a glove. I cant get over the quality and feel to it. It's also one of those things that just pops and we need more of these in our closet.

After my shopping, i decided to walk back to the subway. I walked and walked and i walked, after 1 hour later of walking i realised that i may have been lost, it was 35 degrees, i was wearing tight pleather jeggings, and a white muscle tee, which wasnt the best choice of clothing to have worn, that day, i felt sticky, hot, the weather was humid plus my sore throat was not helping the situation. I asked every one on the street, where i should be going, but everyone just directed me to the nearest subway. My understanding is, if i return back to christopher street subway (where i got off) i would be able to go back to 96th street uptown subway (where i came from). However these Ny'ers were directing to the nearest subway and told me to change. Change where? I made my way to Union Square subway somehow, where i had my first New York moment. A customer service lady at the ticket counter gave me the biggest filthies. I was shocked at her attitude, she was snapping her fingers, rolling her eyes, and gave me this smirk, only because i asked her ' How do i get to 96th street?" I was furious, She just kept looking at me like i was some lost case, (which i was), rolling her eyes at me, etc she did not insist on helping me, I wish i could have spoken to her manager about her customer service skill/attitude. I come from a customer service background and let me tell you, if i was her manager she would have been fired, before i could have even pronounced the word FIRED. Bitch. However, i kept my cool and went on like nothing ever happend. Which, i think pissed her off even more.

After 2 hours of wondering around aimlessly in NYC i finally understood that i had to change at 42nd Street in Times Square and then catch the next connecting subway to 96th Street staition. Finally i got to 96th Street, i got out, bought yet another cold starbuks, went into my hotel, and crashed into my comfy bed. I was so thankful to see my room, my bed, my messy suitcase. I passed out for 1 hour, until i woke up with a smile on my face and feeling like i conqured something, i thought" i could sooo do that again, I loved NYC even more" even though i was lost today, the speed and beat of it all, was thrilling...I realised, these are what makes the moments so special when you are travelling alone. Your lost in an unknown city, in another country.. That incident has taught me well with the NY subways, i wont make another mistake again, and I didnt. Following that incident i had inner courage to travel all around NY by myself, i went to all the touristy spots like Central park, Rockefeller Center, 5th Av, Trumph Tower, etc. It was the best.

I got back to sydney 3 weeks ago, and till today i still miss the surroundings of NY. I still miss the chaos, the buzz NY has to offer....I have a love hate relationship with the city, more love then hate. Below are few of my favourite snippets of my travels.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I hav'nt been active in writing on my blog, since last Monday. I blame it on some negetive thoughts playing up in my head and the busy schedual at work.

I was being skeptical towards what i want to do with INAWOC blog and this is not the first time, trust me. My friend suggested that i start my own facebook page??????????? Starting my own blog was always at the back of my mind for the past 2-3 years. Inaworldofcats was created by me on 2010. The blog idea poped into my head, when i was working in paddington, i worked independantly without my boss in sight which was a plus point, shamelessly to say id taken every opportunity to procrastinate and focus on nothing but fashion/Magazine/Blogs/Online Shopping.
I then researched about blogging and came across bloggers such as, Nicole Warne, Carine Rotfield, Fashion Toast, and Sydney Fashion Blogger, and was amazed at the outfits they wore, people they met, the events they were invited to, where they travelled to and from, and what brands they worked with.
I loved all aspects of becoming a successful fashion blogger, i wanted to know all things necessary to become successsful at blogging... as every other fashion blogger does. Everything i ever wanted in a job fit that description. However the fear of 'Not Making it'scares me, because of my pessimestic view of this, i decided to deactivate my blog last year, and have reopened again this year with the motivation of few people (not naming names, but you know who you are)...hoping to make a change, for the better. I believe that i would try to make ends meet, and i will need  patience, and confidence in my work...but for the time being i have decided that i will just have fun with dress ups...( as i like to call it)

My inspiration/motivation today, comes from Nicole Warne, Trendspotter, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fashion Toast, The Satoralist, etc and watching endless amounts of Fashion TV, and gawking at Carine Rotfield, Miroslava duma, and other fashion icons on instagram. I believe that these guys also started off as a frshmen and after years and years of practice, they are where they are now.

I opened my work computer this morning and decided to write this post, i just needed to get it off my chest. I guess everytime i write i get this sense of motivation, a sense of connection to the blog, to just keep going... I dont have any shots of me at the moment so, i will be sharing few of my daily inspirations with you today. Enjoy...

Monday, 16 September 2013


I have not yet, tried “THE CROP” as shown in my picture below of the ever so stylish Carine Rotfield. However, I have recently purchased one from my travel to New York where I shopped till I dropped in the most affordable store I found out there Forever 21, and I am impatiently waiting? to make the time to take a shoot in mine. I like the trend, because I’m not a big fan of showing too much flesh, so this little gem does the trick to any conservative clothing I own. Whether it is a long maxi, or high waisted pants, or you could even team it up, on top of a plain t-shirt (sounds weird?) I may just show you how it’s done one day...
The way to make this piece of item look classy is to wear it without showing the belly button, it should be peeking through flirtatiously, not showing too much, it should express to the viewers that you didn’t even know your waistline is peeking through.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

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Monochrome with a hint of Fluro

So i finally scored myself a Skort Skort is a piece, that resembles a skirt however it has divided legs that gives you the flexibility of shorts. So if you mash up the words together (Skirt and short) you would get SKORT. I believe that is where the word is derived from. 

Outfit Details
Skort: Haymarket Shop 
Top: Ebay
Shoes: Verali
Bag: Vintage Shop
Cuff: Lovisa

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Snowquamie Falls.

Seattle's climate is much cooler than the other parts of USA, it has its moments i believe, and i am pretty much used to it, because Sydney weather is the same. You may experience 4 seasons in 1 hour in sydney. Like i said on my previous post, i packed for all "climates". Snowquamie Falls, was beautiful. It was chilly, i decided to pair my skin tight khaki pants thats i purchased from Paper Scissors, along with my comfy muscle tee and plaid shirt which i bought from Cotton on along with my cut out boots and a Celine ID chain, bangles, and bag from Colette Hayman also watch by Fossil  . The look is inspired by Cara Delevingne international model of the moment, she is a major demand in the house of fashionistas. I love her style because its laid back, yet chic, its rock n roll yet classy.

The plaid shirt is also an inspiration from my lover of all time Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the band Nirvana. The term "Plaid shirt" is also conveyed as the "Cobain Shirt" by many fashion muse. It is a must have piece of item, in your wardrobe that will never go out of fashion i believe, so Stock up if you havent already done so, they are good for the chilly times, and also cutesy on a sunday picnic outing.

Cut out ankle Boots, The motif is from the runway of Balenciaga, and they are imitation of the biker boots, they can turn a classy outfit edgy, and an edgy outfit tough. The peek-a-boo panels lend this a hard hitting style, and the buckles toughen up everything.You can pair them up with anything from lace dresses to leather shorts, or pants, to skorts (skirt and Shorts together). This is defenitly my piece of obsession right now.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Warm Welcome in Seattle

After 3 blockbuster movies, 2 major sodium enfused plane meals, and 10 attempts to sleep peacefully, i was awake too the sunlight of Los Angeles. The captain of the plane announced our arrival time, and date, and the farenheit. This was necessary, travelling to the USA we aussies are a day ahead so if i left sydney on the 22nd of August after 14-15 hours, I was still on the 22nd of August in USA also everything in australia is in degrees, and the americans use Farenheit/Celcius.

We descended to Los Angeles Airport at 10:30am I gathered my carry on luggage, and made it to the customs and cleared border security, i was then in transit for about 4 hours, till my next flight to Seattle... Good times...waiting...
I decided to take a nap on the chairs of the airport, I really felt like a lone traveler, these were the moments that i wanted to experience. When i woke, it was time to board my plane to Seattle. The flight to seattle was amazing, I was able to see the highest mountain in Seattle from the plane, Mount Rainer at its peak. It was the most amazing view.

7:30pm i made my way to the arrivals, where i would be meeting my cousin Tisha. Tisha is my cousin from my fathers side, my fathers sister is her mum. She was waiting for me in her black and white monochrome printed pants, tight black top, big volumous hair, petite as she is, she looked gorgeous as she always does! we screamed and hugged..

My crazy, lovable and full of life aunt came out of her car with my other gorgeous cousin (Tishas sister Shadika), and we all screamed together. It was picture perfect, they handed me a huge bouquet of yellow roses, to me... that screams lovers for life.

My Aunty lives in a condo in Seatac, she purchased herself, she is an amazing woman. she has gone through alot in her life as my cusins did also. I walked into their 2 bedroom home, it was decorated with, persian rugs, Black leather sofas, and wooded furnitures, and not a single wall in the house was empty it was filled with frames, portraits, and pictures of their lives. My aunt really likes to decorate. They also have a little pomeranian, named Ace. Foxy faced furry little fellow, very cute in nature. He was my Jacob for the time i was there...

Killing time on the plane....